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Welcome to the Wimbledon Hotels website where you can save money by booking your hotel stay online. We have access to all the latest hotel deals and we are dedicated to helping you save money.

With many hotels in and around Wimbledon you are spoilt for choice. We're here to help you find a great deal but also provide independent reviews.

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Cannizaro House

Cannizaro HouseA 4 star hotel with 46 rooms, Cannizaro House is in the heart of Wimbledon. Set in beautiful parkland this wonderful hotel has an extensive lise of facilities including a 24 hour reception, restaurant, business centre and much more.

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The Justin James Hotel

The Justin James HotelA long established hotel in Wimbledon, the Justin James Hotel offers a high standard of service and hospitality. With 19 en-suite rooms, free Wi-Fi Internet and much more this hotel is a popular choice if staying in the area.

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The Wimbledon Hotel

The Wimbledon HotelLocated between Wimbledon Village and the town centre, the Wimbledon Hotel has lovely boutique rooms with great facilities. All rooms feature complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access. Other facilities include Satellite TV, DVD player and car parking.

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Wimbledon is best known internationally as a famous tennis event held every year although did you know it's actually a district of South London? Known as one of the 35 major areas in Greater London, Wimbledon is located in the London Borough of Merton.

As you will see from the map at the top of the homepage, Wimbledon has a large number of attractions and hotels. There are over 20 hotels situated within a 10 mile radius ranging from the small family-run establishments to the multi-chain luxury hotels.

Wimbledon is probably best known for the Tennis Championships but was also home to one of the largest football teams. Rifle shooting, horse racing and motorcycle speedway are also popular in this London district.

If you need any information on Wimbledon Hotels please contact us, alternatively please take a look around the website where you will find heaps of information on the best places to stay, reviews and much more. If you don't have much time we recommend you check out our FAQ or go straight to our Hotel Reviews page which lists all the best hotels in Wimbledon.

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